Tempest Cards Event Ticket - Flesh & Blood Sealed Deck

Tempest Cards Event Ticket - Flesh & Blood Sealed Deck

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Tempest Cards
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You are purchasing one (1) entry to a Tempest Cards Event - Sealed Deck Format.

This event will be using unlimited edition booster boxes and packs.

Sealed Deck is an easy and fun way to play Flesh and Blood Trading Card Game and a great way to get new cards for your collection! Simply turn up, open 6 booster packs, and make your best deck from the cards you have to work with. Part of the fun is getting to play with cards you may never consider using in other formats.

Players open 6 booster packs and use the contents to construct a 30-card minimum deck (not including hero, weapon, and equipment cards). Note - it’s during the start of game procedure that the exact 30 cards (minimum) are chosen. Typically, a player will change a small number of cards in their deck based on the hero they are about to play against.

Note: Check our instagram page @tempestcards for this week's prize support