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Sell Flesh and Blood bulk cards to Tempest Cards!

We are currently only buying bulk Flesh & Blood TCG cards. See rates (in USD) below:
Note: You may sell your bulk for cash or store credit. An extra 15% value is added to your final payment if you choose store credit payment.
IMPORTANT: Bulk Submissions to Tempest Cards are currently closed until further notice. We originally wanted to re-open submissions in late-August but the increased amount of available product has changed our plans for bulk cards. Thank you for your business as we work through previous submissions, and establishing a potential new system.
 Flesh and Blood Bulk Card Rarity Buying Rate
Common $10 per 1000 ($0.01 each)
Rare $5 per 100 ($0.05 each)
Super Rare $10 per 100 ($0.10 each)
Majestic $50 per 100 ($0.50 each)
Legendary $25 per 1 ($25.00 each)
Fabled $100 per 1 ($100.00 each)

To get started, fill out the form below and give a rough estimate of how many bulk cards you would like to send. (an exact count is not required)

Within 1-2 business days, Tempest Cards will contact you and provide more required information such as shipping details, payment timeline, and card condition guidelines.